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PlainLinks.com is a text link exchange network that provides the ability for web sites to advertise each other. The concept is that you agree to display text links for other web sites, and they agree to display text links for your web site. This is a great way to increase traffic.

Why Just Plain Links?

Quick Facts
You earn up to 1 credit for every click on PlainLinks.com member link from your web site.
You earn 100 bonus impressions for every click on PlainLinks.com referral link from your web site.
For each earned credit you get a unique visitor clicked on your link.
You can set your text links to receive a specified number of clicks per day.
Because they are small, fast, efficient, automatically adapt to your web site appearance and do not look like an advertisement at all - they seem to be a native part of your web site.

Do not miss an opportunity to attract highly targeted visitors to your web site without wasting its ad space.

What Does a Plain Link Look Like?

It is indeed very simple:

Just refresh this page to see another link.

What Are Main Features?

  • Extremely high 1:1 exchange ratio - just for placing PlainLinks.com referral link on your web site.

  • All links are checked - you will not have to worry about inappropriate content on your web site.

  • Earned credits are spent very effectively - for each earned credit you will get a real, unique, highly targeted visitor to your web site.

  • No cheaters - we ban them before they harm honest PlainLinks.com members.

  • Detailed statistics - will help you to track impressions and clicks.

How Do I Start?

That is easy:

  • Fill our quick registration form.

  • Place PlainLinks.com HTML code on your web site pages in order to display text links.

  • Then PlainLinks.com will rotate your link on other web sites and show links to other web sites on your web site.

Join PlainLinks.com now!

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